Why M.Coder?

Why M.Coder?

You need a partner to reach the digital audience and empower your employees and sales people. A new way of thinking about communication and managing an existing business. Hardware changes and instant communication changed entire business landscapes. Who is your digital partner? Let's together rethinking how your company works.

Faster Responses

Mobile speed and expectations of your customers have changed, is your information available everywhere?

Better Growth Rate

Thinking about the future. Do you have a plan for future communication and metrics? What's your plan?

More Followers

Is your social media scene directing customers and to your platform? Is it worth visiting? Customer Service?


Current practice for mobile and web developement. AWS Certifications and Google's best practices.

Secure Services

Security is the first priority. Payments, contracts and propietary information is now part of the mobile experience.

Helpline Services

Immediate response to your digital requests. All to often programming leads to a lack of availility when you want to discuss your immediate need.

About Us

About Us

After several frustrating years balancing technology and a small business, it became clear that small businesses need a technology partner. Jason Moorhouse started with an idea and several attempts later a team of professionals specializing in application development for small business software took shape. Today we are a group of DESIGNERS, ARCHITECTS, and PROGRAMMERS who still know how to party.

Our Services

Our Services

A group of doers. An active bunch of Software developers that want to change your digital experience. Completely rethinking an existing companies applications. We want to help you rethink how you communicate with your customer. How do you market your brand and improve your customers experience? What tools are unique to your brand and industry?

Responsive Web Design

Mobile App Development

Web / Mobile App


Branding & Graphic Designs

Our Work

Our Work


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